Minimise injury by avoiding these common health and safety mistakes

Accidents occur every day in the construction industry, but they can be avoided if the right health and safety measures are put in place.

Bull Products, manufacturer of life-saving fire protection equipment, shares the most common health and safety mistakes that the construction industry makes, and more importantly, how they can be avoided.

Measures for falls from height

According to HSE, falls from height are the most common cause of fatal injury to workers over the last five years, accounting for 8% of employer reported non-fatal injuries in 2017/18.

Although this number may seem small, in reality, a large number of workers are putting their lives at risk when working on construction sites.

Falls from height can be avoided with fall arrest bags as they minimise the risk of injury. They are designed to provide a safe cushioned landing, absorbing the weight of a fall without causing major injury.

Training is also crucial and should be relevant to the tasks undertaken and the equipment used.

Slips, trips and falls

A spill can cause major damage to a site and workers, resulting in slips, trips and falls.

Slips, trips and falls can be minimised by communicating the hazard, clearing up and containing the spill, and assessing the risk after to ensure spills are minimised in the future. Workers should also effectively manage work areas and access routes to ensure they stay clear at all times.

Ignoring staff training

Workers should play a large part in managing health and safety risks. Therefore, training your staff is fundamental so that accidents and injuries are avoided. As a guide, each employee should be familiar with the following:

  •  The site evacuation procedure including the nearest exists made clear by signage.
  •  Risks associated with the employee’s working environment and main duties.
  •  Location of the fire protection and first aid equipment.
  •  How to use the specific equipment and how to ensure proper use.
  •  A point of contact should an emergency occur.
  •  How to report hazards and what risks to look out for.

First aid and fire safety

Ensuring you have the right fire safety and first aid equipment on site is crucial to protecting workers. But often, there are not enough fire extinguishers, or first aid stations located on site.

It is important to ensure your site has fire extinguishers located around the site, and more importantly, the right type of fire extinguisher to tackle the blaze, as using the wrong one can lead to more damage and repair costs.

Bull’s Fire, First Aid and Spill Control First Responder Stations will also ensure that all the equipment you need is located and stored in one convenient place and can be moved around the site.