Keep Your Workplace Safe With Our Winter Products

Whilst the New Year can signify a new start, it can be easy to forget that winter is still well and truly here. If you work outside, you will be well aware of the dangers that working in wintry conditions can do to a worksite. Luckily, Bull Products are here to ensure your worksite continues to be as productive as can be.

The January and February months are often associated with a frosty coating and an icy chill and, if the predicted weather forecasts are anything to go by, things are likely to stay the same for the time being. It is important to ensure that safety precautions are put in place to protect your employees as well as ensure that your workplace does not become hazardous.

This will not only improve the general safety of your workplace, but means you will be able to continue to work on your projects to the best possible standard, whatever the weather! Outdoor work is understandably weather permitted, but don’t let it halt proceedings all together.

With the introduction of Bull Products winter safety equipment, you can ensure your workplace is as hazard and risk-free by imposing a number of strategies:

De-icing and Salt Spreaders

In the damp weather, flooring and boarding can become slippy and hazardous to walk on, especially when lifting heavy loads. By employing our de-icing salt and with the use of our effective salt spreaders, you can give surfaces the grip they need to avoid accidents.

Snow Shovels and Ploughs

Whilst this winter hasn’t seen the largest snowfall by any means, forecasters have predicted some to fall over the upcoming weeks. With our shovels and snow plough, you will be able to efficiently clear your work site creating a safe space to work.

Grit Bins

If you are working on a more permanent site, it may be worth distributing grit bins around the work place. Their convenience will allow you to implant quick solutions, creating a functional and safe environment for all.

For more information on our range of winter safety products, be sure to check out our website or call us on 0844 669 1111 where we can answer any questions or queries regarding our products you may have.