Innovation makes detector installation a dream

Problem Highlighted
Bull Products are constantly on the lookout for problems to solve, to make the life of construction companies and M & E contractors alike, a whole lot easier! An issue that was raised by a client highlighted the fact that unlike mobile first responder stations, which incorporate fire extinguishers and a Cygnus fire alarm, heat and smoke detectors have to be fixed to ceilings or walls. Why can’t detectors be as mobile and easy to install as extinguishers and alarms?

Problem Investigated

An investigation was carried out to see what is involved when installing detectors; this revealed that extra tools and equipment are required as well as time to fulfil the installation to relevant standards. A detector has to be positioned on the ceiling where possible or up high on a wall, therefore a method of gaining height is required, for example; step-ups, ladders or podiums. This equipment is often very cumbersome and may possibly impose a risk of fall from height.

Simple Innovation – Problem Solved

The innovators at Bull Products got together and designed and created a product that provided a brilliant solution. The product being a metal pole that is designed to be attached to the back of a first responder station and can be raised to a height of over 3 metres with a detector attached to the top. The detector is connected up to the fire alarm on the first responder station (the wires being contained within the pole) and the height of the pole can be adjusted to position the detector at any height between 2.1 and 3.2 metres from the ground.

More than just effective

Not only has this design made detection installation quick and simple, it has also been made very cost effective, meaning that wireless detectors are not required, therefore significantly reducing costs. The whole unit can be quickly deployed and no step ladders or tools are required. Engineers time is saved and problems and risks are greatly reduced. The first responder station can still be relocated as easily as before and the detector goes along with it too. (Note: please remember to lower the pole before going through doorways!)

This new product comes with a heat detector as default, but smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are also available should these be required. This detector is hard wired to the alarm through a spare input and is compatible with the following Cygnus alarms, CYG2 and CYG2/85DB. Should the detector raise an alert, the Cygnus alarm will sound and so will the rest of the units within the installed Cygnus alarm system.

The Cygnus Wireless Alarm System continues to provide solutions to secure the safety of workforce on construction sites and is forever raising the bar in the industry.