Height of Safety – Fall Arrest Systems

Almost a fifth of all fatal accidents at work are due to a fall. According to HSE, in 2016/2017, 137 workers were killed at work in the UK, of which 25 fatalities were from falls. Sadly, most of these falls happen within the construction industry but there’s an effective way to mitigate against the devastation caused by falls which will keep your workforce and site safe.

At Bull, our ambition is to provide advice and support to businesses, whilst ensuring safety always remains a top priority. Over the last 10 years, our fall arrest systems have been developed to offer maximum safety and reduce the risk of injury. 

Our Impact-Bull® Fall Arrest System

Designed to provide a safe and cushioned landing in the event of an accidental fall, installing an Impact-Bull Fall Arrest System can reduce the risk of worker injury.

Our revolutionary fall arrest system is both lightweight and easy to install. Multiple cushions can be linked together to provide a scalable fall arrest area for your workers.
Filled with ‘sealed for life’ air pockets, the Impact-Bull® will break a workers fall, and provide a cushioned landing that absorbs the impact weight and helps prevent major injury.

Safety tested for peace of mind

The Impact-Bull® Fall Arrest System adheres to the latest health and safety legislation and has undergone rigorous testing by the National Engineering Laboratory in order to conform to the British Standard PAS59 for filled corrective fall arrest systems.

Widely used by some of the UK’s biggest housebuilders, and created specifically with the house building industry in mind, our fall arrest system has a fall arrest height of 3.1m from floor level to working height, and the system can also be used in timber framed developments, concrete structures as well as in traditional brick built properties.

Offering peace of mind, our Impact-Bull® system ensures your workforce can have the confidence to work in difficult areas harness free.

Flexible, durable and guaranteed

Developed to be cost-effective, highly practical, and long lasting, the Impact-Bull Fall Arrest system is made of strong water repellent and durable materials. This combination makes it ideal for all weather conditions.

The modular system allows the fall arrest cushions to be linked together with quick-release buckles to ensure the highest safety levels, whatever the size of the site. 

We also provide a selection of replacement parts for ongoing maintenance and for total peace of mind, all of our fall arrest systems come with a 10-year lifespan guarantee (the longest on the market), and an annual inspection should be conducted by one of our dedicated inspectors, to ensure that the system is in perfect working order. 

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