Have You Considered the Importance of Detectors?

When it comes to fire safety, preserving life is our priority. But in the main, we tend to take fire safety for granted.

For example, when was the last time you tested the smoke detector in your hallway or landing?

I would like to share the story I heard recently of someone who (if their smoke detector had not operated correctly) would not be alive today;

It was in the evening and a candle that was positioned on top of a piano was lit, assumingly ‘out of harm’s way’, unfortunately the end of the match had dropped off and fallen down behind the piano; the end of the matchstick was searched for but not found. The resident: an elderly woman, then went to sleep in the same room as the candle, but was not long before the hessian on the back of the piano caught alight and a fire broke out. Apparently the woman remained asleep until she was disturbed by the sound of the smoke detector, and awoke to see the piano ablaze. In a state of shock and trauma the woman managed to escape the house with flames rising behind her. Needless to say, the house suffered fire and smoke damage, but had the detector not worked, we would have a very different story to tell.

As a fire safety company, we would encourage you to check your smoke and heat detection devices and ensure they function as they should; many models have a simple ‘Test’ button to enable you to do this. In the event that the device does not function properly, we advise you replace the batteries; these are usually standard 9V lithium batteries. If the device still does not work, you will need to purchase a new device; they are affordable and easy to come by. There are a range of detection devices on the market including smoke detectors, heat detectors, combined smoke and heat detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Homes and work places alike, lives are still at risk so it is imperative to have correct detection equipment installed as accidents do happen.

Fire safety is a matter of life and death – don’t risk it!