Five Reasons To Install A Wireless Alarm System

There are thousands of construction site fires every year, endangering lives, delaying projects, and costing around £400m, according to Zurich Insurance.

So, what is the best way to ensure your site complies to industry codes of practice, UK and EU laws and the requirements of your insurance company?

Fit a Wireless Alarm System

The Cygnus Wireless Alarm System is an industry leading system that has been used on some of the largest construction projects across the UK, including Battersea Power Station and Canary Wharf.  

So why choose a Cygnus Wireless Alarm?

1.    Quick and easy to install
Fitting a wireless system is quick and easy, and will ensure that your whole site can be alarmed for increased peace of mind and worker safety. There’s minimal interference to ongoing construction and no complicated cabling with a wireless alarm. Drilling holes, laying wires, and protecting the cable network from accidental breakages or rodent damage are a thing of the past.

2.    Tailored to your needs
The system includes a wide range of alarms and detectors. With call point, first aid and intruder alarms and smoke, heat and CO2 detectors, it’s easy to meet the specific safety requirements of your site. Our wireless alarms not only warn workers in the event of an accident or fire but when linked to CCTV or intruder alarms, it also keeps the site safe 24-hours a day, helping to protect buildings from unwanted intruders.

3.    A flexible network
Created for mid to large-scale projects, the Cygnus system can connect up to 480 site alarms. As your site grows with new floors or areas of construction, our easy-to-fit wireless alarm system can grow with it. Designed for dense, concrete, and steel structures, the Cygnus system ensures complicated, multi-storey sites can be alarmed with a robust system that works off a category 1 radio signal. And, as phases of the build are completed, alarms and detectors can easily be moved or removed with minimal damage.

4.    Latest technology
Delivering an impressive signal-range, the Cygnus system conforms to EN300 220 Category 1 requirements. Mesh protocol ensures seamless point-to-point and multipoint communication. Our specialist software ensures performance of the system can be optimised with a central control panel. Each control panel monitors up to 32 devices, and can form a network of up to 15 zones or 480 alarm units, reporting back on device status, and providing condition updates including signal faults and battery usage.

5.    A total safety solution
The Cygnus Wireless Alarm can be used in conjunction with turnstiles, lifts, automatic doors, and other monitoring systems. This seamless interface delivers every construction site and team with a bespoke fire and safety solution to suit their needs. The system can be used to help monitor on-site traffic and personnel, and to warn against unauthorised access during the day or night.

At Bull, we’re always looking at ways to protect workers and sites to the highest health and safety standards possible, by providing customers with innovative safety solutions to meet their needs.

The Cygnus Wireless Alarm is a high performance early warning system, suitable for even the largest and most complex of construction sites, and will keep your site and workers safe 24/7.

Expert advice you can rely on
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