First Responder Stations improve site safety

The provision of health and safety on construction sites can be improved with our First Responder Stations – trolley based mobile units that have been designed to act as a central station for fire safety, spill control and first aid. They can be fully customised and branded as per your personal requirements.

Fire First Responder Station

This acts as the first responder’s central point for fire safety equipment and alarms. The fire alarm can be connected to the cabinet to alert authorities when the door has been opened. The cabinet also prevents misuse and damage of extinguishers and other safety equipment. It features our Cygnus Wireless Call Point Alarm or the Combined Fire and First Aid Alarm, as well as signage providing details of exit routes, and Water, Powder CO2 and Foam Fire Extinguishers.

First Aid Responder Station

This mobile cabinet has been designed to overcome the challenges of maintaining adequate first aid equipment onsite. It includes a sealed first aid kit which can also store an automated external defibrillator and an eye-wash station. The Cygnus First Aid Alert Point alarm can be connected to the cabinet to alert a first aider when the cabinet door has been opened.

Spill Control Responder Station

Our spill control stations are available for oil, maintenance and chemical spills. In bright yellow, they are highly visible onsite in an emergency. They all come sealed with anti-tamper pins designed to prevent misuse, damage or soiling of spare absorbents, as well as a cabinet alarm. Each one also includes a 50L spill kit and signage.

For more information about our First Responder Stations, contact Bull Products on 01432 371170 or find out more about our alarms and extinguishers here.