Fire Safety Products – Top Five Products You Need

Each year, there are 40,000 fires in the workplace[i], which can put the lives of employees at risk. Did you know insurance claims for fire damage in workplaces amount to an average of £10 million per week?[ii]Whether you’re working on site or in an office building, it’s important to have a range of fire safety equipment on site to protect your business and your employees.

At Bull, our ambition is to provide advice and support to businesses whilst providing a time-saving and cost-effective solution. Here are five safety products to keep on site, which will minimise the risk of injury and protect workers to the highest health and safety standards.

1. Fire Extinguishers

As a general rule, in a low risk workplace, an employee should be within 30 metres of a fire extinguisher. However, having the correct fire extinguisher on site can be the difference between a fire spreading rapidly or reducing the spread of a fire quickly.

At Bull, we supply a range of regulation-compliant fire extinguishers (with more than 50 different models listed on our website). From CO2, Water and Foam to Wet Chemical and Water Mist, our fire extinguishers will ensure you’re protected no matter what the situation.

2. Fire Blankets

Having fire blankets on site will ensure small fires are dealt with quickly and can minimise the spread of a fire. Our fire blankets are made from fire retardant material and comply with EN 1869:1997. They are ideal for fire protection in the kitchen, canteen, or in industrial catering areas.

3. Fire alarms and detectors

No matter how small or large your business is, it’s important to have the appropriate fire alarms and detectors in place to protect workers. Depending on the nature of the work being carried out and the risks on site, there are different types of fire alarms that may be suitable.

A major innovation in wireless emergency fire, first aid and intruder alarms for construction sites, the Cygnus Wireless Alarm System, manufactured by Bull Products, is designed to offer the ultimate in performance and reliability. Suitable for large scale developments, the Cygnus system is able to link 480 individual units in 15 different zones.

Rigorously tested to offer the ultimate in performance and reliability, the Cygnus system has raised the bar in the industry and is the most successful and adaptable temporary fire alarm system for use in the construction industry.

If you’re situated in an office environment, our fire alarms and detectors ensure staff are notified of danger and can evacuate the building immediately. The type of fire alarm detector/s that each business requires will be determined by (amongst other factors), the size and structure of your property, the property use, and the nature of the work carried out on the premises.

4. First Responder Station 

At Bull, our First Responder Stations have been designed to suit all requirements and ensure there is no compromise when it comes to health and safety on a construction site, whilst also providing a cost-effective and time saving solution.

No matter what the requirements, our responder stations are fully customisable to suit your needs, whether it’s signage, emergency plans, branding or the alarm type, you can have all the information and equipment right there at your fingertips. 

5. Signage

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that ‘all workplaces must have adequate safety signs to point people towards fire-fighting equipment, emergency routes and emergency exits’.

At Bull, we supply a range of fire signage to ensure your workers are aware of fire hazards and risks and can act immediately in an emergency.

Expert advice you can rely on

At Bull, we supply the building and construction industry with purpose-made, reliable, specialist fire protection. We pride ourselves on the expertise we give to help businesses meet their legal fire safety obligations. We are always happy to discuss the options available and how our products and services can help meet the needs of individual businesses.

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