Fire extinguishers – get the most out of yours with these four steps

An outbreak of fire threatens the safety of your workers and will be costly in damage and delay. The chances are, you already have a fire extinguisher on site. But when was the last time you checked if this fire extinguisher was suitable for the needs of your site? Or when was the last time you checked to make sure there was no damage to it?

Here at Bull, we’re committed to providing you with the latest fire safety products and guidance to ensure a safer site all year round. Follow our four steps to ensure your fire extinguishers are being used and maintained correctly, all of which could prevent a fire from breaking out in the first place.

Step One – Choosing the correct fire extinguishers

Choosing the correct fire extinguishers is the most important factor to consider. It prevents injuries from happening and can cause less damage to your site.

A fire extinguisher should be chosen based on fire size, floor area and should be appropriate to the nature of the potential fire and materials on site:

  • – Wood, paper and cloth – water extinguisher
  • – Flammable liquids – dry powder or foam extinguisher
  • – Electrical – carbon dioxide (C02) extinguisher

At Bull, we stock and supply more than 50 regulation-compliant fire extinguishers, so no matter what your environment or the risk posed, we can keep your workplace safe.

Step Two – Training

In order to keep workers safe on site, it’s crucial that staff are aware of any potential risks and are aware of what to do should a fire break out. Trained staff will be more alert and therefore will know what hazards to look out for, and most importantly, what immediate actions to take in the event of a fire.

Step Three – Location

A fire extinguisher should be easily visible for workers to locate in an emergency. It can be wall-mounted for easy access or stored in trolleys, which can be moved around with ease and placed where is the most convenient. Clear signage above the fire extinguishers is also of utmost importance as it will allow workers to easily locate the equipment in an emergency.

Step Four – Servicing and Maintenance

Fire extinguisher servicing should be carried out once a year to the standard laid down under the British Standard Code of Practice, BS 5306-3:2009.

It’s also important to carry out monthly inspections and check the following:

  • – Extinguishers are working properly so you’re prepared in the case of an emergency.
  • – Extinguisher aren’t damaged in any way through physical damage, corrosion or leakage.
  • – Confirm the pressure gauge or indicator is in the operable range.
  • – Check the last professional service date on the tag.

Put your fire safety in our safe hands

At Bull, our expert engineers can assess the specific risks for your work environment and advise on the appropriate types of extinguishers required to keep your work environment safe and your business compliant.

We can also provide specialist training in fire safety awareness, as well as give advice on how to operate extinguishers safely.

Not only that, but at Bull, we can arrange all fire extinguisher servicing and repair, and if it makes financial sense for your business, you can even hire fire extinguishers direct from us.

For more information about our extinguishers and fire safety services available for your business, talk to one of our team of knowledgeable and friendly advisors on 01432 806806 /