Fire 360 – The solution to maximise fire safety in construction

Over the last 5 years, there has been a 9.6% increase in the number of fires on construction sites, according to statistics released by the Home Office, As a business, we are well aware of the risks that fires on construction sites can cause, not just to workers, but to members of the public and buildings within a short distance of the site.

On a positive note, there has been a 12.3% decrease in construction site fires from 2017-18 to 2018-19. While we can’t be certain, we believe this is down to an increasing number of site managers putting fire safety at the forefront of their plans while workers are using more advanced equipment and partaking in appropriate training.

This decrease is a step forward for construction site safety. However, we know we cannot prevent all fires on construction, but more can be done to prevent fires caused by human error. Statistics show that 62.5% of site fires are accidental. Bull’s approach to tackling this issue is a combination of strategy, education and providing high-quality fire safety equipment.

Bull’s Fire 360° service handles the intricacies of fire safety on construction sites. It means we are on-hand to oversee and advise site managers throughout to ensure a friction-free experience at every stage of our 15-step process, from initial enquiry through to final installation.

Here’s Bull Products Fire 360 – 15 steps to effective fire safety:

*Contact our highly skilled team with your requirement.

*A site survey can be arranged within 48 hours of project enquiry

*A detailed specification of our recommended fire protection plan will be provided.

*An initial fire safety risk assessment will be carried out by a qualified fire risk assessor.

*We gain approval on the quotation and scope of the project.

*Our sales team will provide the relevant order acknowledgment and arrange delivery.

*Product installation will be completed by our certified engineers.

*Configuration, commissioning and certification are then obtained.

*Basic or advanced fire safety training courses are conducted to provide a better understanding of our alarm systems.

*Our dedicated after-care provision can provide nationwide technical support.

*The automatic servicing schedule will help you ensure your site remains compliant at all times.

*Prior to project completion, another site survey can be arranged to provide a quotation and scope of works for final fire equipment.

*Once a project is completed, contact us to arrange collection of all temporary fire safety equipment.

*Your equipment is then cleaned, inspected and stored at our warehouse facility free of charge.

*The final fire safety equipment such as extinguishers and signage can be installed before handover or sign-off of the building.

Our Fire 360 service has been designed to provide companies with a cost-effective and comprehensive fire strategy. In fact, the asset management service provides a saving of up to 65% on set-up costs. The lifetime use of the products is increased due to the regular maintenance. All of these benefits ensure that site managers have total peace of mind that workers and local residents are safe on site.

For more information about the Fire 360 approach and how it can maximise fire safety for your construction site in 2020, contact the team on 01432 371170.