Evacuate Safely With Our Evacuation Chairs

When the emergency evacuation of building is necessary, one thing that can be a challenge is how to help evacuate those with poor mobility quickly and safely. The emphasis on speed will most likely depend of the seriousness of the emergency, but having a product and procedure in place to help those less mobile can make all the difference.

As the leading supplier of a multitude of fire protection and safety products, here at Bull Products, we strive to ensure that our name and our products are the first on the mind of our customers. The word evacuate envisages a responsive and safe escape which is exactly what our Evacuation Chairhas been designed to do.

Safe & Trusted Reputation

Evacuation chairs allow those who have impaired or restricted mobility to be evacuated from multi-storey buildings with ease and effectiveness. Allowing a comfortable and controlled descent, the design of our evacuation chairs is suitable for a single person operation but is best suited for a two person operation.

Its strong and durable design means that the occupant can have faith in the structure and effectiveness of the product providing slow, smooth and considerate operation. With firm grip handles and foldable storage components, our evacuation chairs can be stored out of the way on the wall allowing quick use when needed.

What makes our evacuation chair stand-out from the rest however is its flexible and adaptable nature.

• Strong and adjustable components mean that the occupier is not uncomfortable and at risk of injury.

• Padding, safety straps and firm grip brakes ensure that a controlled evacuation can take place

• Storage, signage and covers are supplied allowing you to safely store and implement your evacuation chair when needed.

So make sure you’re prepared in the face of an emergency with the help of us here at Bull Products. Be sure to check our website for a full look at our safety products or call us on 0844 669 1111 for more information on our evacuation chairs and all our other products.

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