Don’t let your workers down

Falls from height are the construction industry’s biggest killer, with an average of 19 fatal injuries per year as a result.[1]  

In recent news, there have been several investigations into the risks associated with working at height. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigations have highlighted that risk assessments conducted onsite are often too vague, only focusing on the risks associated with scaffolding. The research also identified a lack of training in installing safety decking.

Bradley Markham, director at Bull Products, believes that construction companies can enhance health and safety and reduce injuries onsite by using fall arrest bags. He shares the top benefits:

Minimise risk of injury

Fall arrest bags minimise risk of injury by offering a safe cushioned landing that absorbs the weight of the fall. Each cushion is filled with ‘sealed for life’ air pockets and linked together to create a giant inflatable life-saving cushion bed. With low inflation pressure, the cushions absorb the weight of a fall without causing major injury. Fall arrest bags can transform site safety, offering a fall arrest height of 3.1m from finished floor level to working height.

Short installation time and less training

The installation time for one plot takes just 15 minutes on average, which is far less than the time it takes to erect scaffolding or decking systems. In addition to this, the bags can be deinstalled even quicker! Basic practical training and a simple theory test are all that’s required to become a competent installer of the fall arrest bags, as opposed to workers having to undertake a time-consuming scaffolders’ qualification or contract in a qualified company to erect a system, which significantly increases the cost, per plot, to build.

Freedom of movement

Using fall arrest bags ensures workers can confidently work from height harness-free, making it easier to move as well as handle tools and materials.

Ease of use

The bags are prefilled with pockets of air, making them extremely lightweight and therefore far easier and quicker to install. They can be moved with ease to different locations onsite, offering a timely and cost-effective solution for site safety. The bags are also waterproof and therefore appropriate for use in all weather conditions, providing it is safe to work.

Minimising falls from height is something we need to take more seriously as an industry. By choosing fall arrest systems, we can enhance site safety and minimise the risk of falls in the future. If your site is in need of a revolutionised and more cost-effective fall arrest system, find out more here, or get in touch today on 01432 371170 or email us.