Cygnus Set-up – Multiple Choice Test

This is a 10 question test on the installation and setup of Cygnus units to prove you understand correct usage of the product and gain certification from us.

Answer all questions after watching and fully understanding the Cygnus Setup Training Video. On each question, click the option which you believe to be the correct answer and click ‘Next’. You can visit previous answers by clicking ‘Previous’.

After the last question you will be shown a confirmation screen, where you can click ‘Submit’. This will immediately show your score and if it’s high enough you will have your own personal certification for installing and setting up Cygnus alarm systems.

There is no time limit for the test and you can retake it at any time.

To begin, press the ‘Start Test’ button below.

Question 1

Which of the below statements correctly describes the ideal location for fire alarm call points?

Question 2

Fire alarm call points should be mounted at what height?

Question 3

Ideally where should detectors be installed?

Question 4

What should the maximum distance be between 2 detectors?

Question 5

When mounted on a vertical surface, what is the maximum distance from the ceiling to the detector?

Question 6

By ensuring the lid is securely closed after install, what IP rating is guaranteed?

Question 7

What is the next step after installing a Cygnus unit?

Question 8

What happens when the battery lead is connected inside the Cygnus unit?

Question 9

Which button on the panel should be pressed to display the total amount of alarms connected to the panel and show a zone breakdown?

Question 10

How long can units take to connect with the system?