Cygnus R&D Update

Cygnus Range

Since 2011 the Cygnus system has grown from a creative concept to a full-blown wonder-working ever-evolving temporary alarm system. The system has assisted constructions sites in maintaining compliance in regards to fire safety regulations.

To date there is a total of 15 (not including HF range) products in the Cygnus range. However, this figure does not include the various bespoke solutions we have provided which were the result of responding to a customer’s requirement. Included in this was a range of alarms to protect a Coffer dam on Canary Wharf, a PIR and door contact system to protect the tower cranes on Lendlease’s Elephant Park, and a ‘Safe to Enter’ system for Crossrail tunnel emergency exits.

There have been various system upgrades since 2013 which include the following; Alarm Sounder Zone Separation, Sounder Delay Function, and Enhanced Diagnostic Tools on all Cygnus alarm units and the CYG5 Control Panel.

The latter 3 products in the Cygnus range to be launched were the CYGPIR, Ultima2 and the Cygnus HF Range.

The PIR functionality is available on all Cygnus alarms. This additional feature helps utilise fire, first aid alarms, and detectors for intruder activities. PIR works with the CYG1-GSM/GPRS control panel and sends users an SMS text alert should an intrusion occur. Alerts can also be sent to a third party monitoring station.
The sensors are activated by using the menu settings on the control panel and if an intruder passes the sensor when in activation mode it will cause the local alarm to sound. To order this additional functionality to any Cygnus alarm units, add PIR to the product code.

As well as connecting to the control panel using a serial cable, it is also possible to configure a unit over the internet using an ULTIMA2 as a transparent link. It is also possible to send text command to program the system. As the ULTIMA2 connects to the internet using a GSM modem, it will require a SIM card with an IP address to be inserted, which can be sourced from any network provider.  GPRS has a network-dependent data bandwidth limit, therefore speed of data transfers will be dependent on network availability.

HF Range
It is a requirement that a fully certified fire alarm system is fitted within a TAU on a construction site. The CYHF Control Panel is fully certified to EN54 parts 2 and 4. This is a conventional panel but can be linked into the Cygnus fire alarm system using the Cygnus IOU device. This allows the Cygnus system on site to communicate to the wireless alarm system fitted within a Temporary Accommodation Unit (TAU). The control panel communicates to the rest of the CYHF wireless devices via the translator module that is connected to the loop.
The control panel is easily installed and is very user friendly. This wireless control panel comes in 2 zone variation, though a 4 zone variation is available, and is surface mountable. They have alert inputs, on-board fire and fault relays and a combined keypad / key switch entry.

Our Technical Manager Nigel Mann stated that the most innovative feature of the Cygnus system is the ultima2 remote monitoring module, which provides not only SMS text messaging but also remote access to the reconfiguration and monitoring of system status and health. It creates peace of mind for site and project managers, knowing that if any alarm is activated they will be alerted immediately.

Other advancements include the development of the radios that are specifically suitable for countries outside of the UK so that the alarms can talk to each other without interfering with other radio signals. The Cygnus system is currently available in Australia and New Zealand as well as UK and all of Europe. The radio for these is also suitable for most countries in the Middle East.

January 2017 will see the launch of a major system upgrade that will make Cygnus the most advanced temporary alarm system on the market. This will incorporate a brand new test menu, enhanced cause and effect menu and new engineer diagnostic functions.