Cygnus Protects Angel Court Bank Construction Project

Angel court is an all-new 300,000 sq. ft. office and restaurant tower building which has been created with innovative purpose and strategy. The project started in 2014 and is due for completion this year. Its unique architecture features a white octagonal glass tower which rises from an exquisitely regenerated streetscape. With a total of 24 storeys the sections that make up Angel Court are the 6 Garden Floors and 18 Sky Floors which will house some of the largest floorplates in the City of London. Remarkably adaptable and meticulously specified, the office is space is designed to fulfil the needs of all modern-day business models. Conveniently positioned near to Liverpool Street and Moorgate stations these offices are easily reachable and accessible from all directions.

The main contractor for this project is Mace who have specified Cygnus Wireless Fire Alarms to be installed during the construction phase. There are 20 Cygnus fire call point alarms on site as well as 7 Cygnus heat detectors and an 85decibel alarm that are all wirelessly interconnected and will sound if one alarm is activated.

As the Cygnus alarm system was created and manufactured in conjunction with renowned construction companies, it is the ideal system to install during the construction phase. Designed to work over long distances, underground, and in areas of dense concrete or steel frames the Cygnus alarm system is unbeatable in reliability and versatility.

And that is not all; with the brilliant Cygnus interface unit, the Cygnus alarm system can interface with turnstile gate entry systems and door release systems. In the event of a site evacuation, the interface will trigger the door release and will deactivate the turnstile to enable quick access to the assembly point.