Cygnus Alarms Now on Shipyards

Bull Products has launched itself into the Ship Building industry with a key contract with Norwegian company Vestcom.

Vestcom is a major wireless communication supplier in Norway, to whom Bull has supplied the renowned Cygnus Wireless Alarm Systems for use on several Norwegian Shipyards: Kleven Group, Vard Group and Ulstein Group. The ships that are under construction, are being transformed into luxury cruise liners worth over £100 million each once they’re complete.

The Cygnus System installed on the ships include the Cygnus Control Panel, Cygnus Detector Interface units and Cygnus Call Point Alarms that are installed on the Fire First Responder Stations located throughout the ship. The responder stations provide a full fire equipment package that can located in one convenient place and can be moved around the site with ease.

Managing Director at Vestcom, Ferenc Szell states: “Due to the nature and cost of this project, it was imperative that we invested in the most advanced alarm system that we could find. We required an adaptable wireless alarm system that could provide a strong enough signal to work on these ships but the previous alarm system we had was outdated and simply couldn’t meet the complex demands of this project.

“Investing in Bull Products was the way forward for us to ensure we protect workers and safeguard the ships.”

Bull Products is delighted to be working with Vestcom and to be providing the Cygnus Wireless Alarm System to such a unique project. “Vestcom is a brilliant company to work with and we’re pleased that the initial trial went smoothly – it puts us in a great position to work with them on further project in the future” says Matthew Trigwell, Sales Director at Bull Products.

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