Certified Membership

Bull Products are proud to be a member of the Fire Risk Association.

What is the FIA?
The FIA is the organisation that government and regulators ‘go to’ when they want to know the fire industry’s views on proposals and changes to fire safety issues and legislation.

What are the benefits of being a member of the FIA?

  • Setting industry best practices
  • Shaping standards & influencing the legislation
  • Networking at FIA events and conferences
  • Comprehensive and high quality training courses
  • Unrivalled technical publications

How Does the FIA Help the Public?
The FIA also has a duty to inform the public about good practice. Employers in particular are often confused as to their responsibility and FIA provide the guidance they need and encourage them to get in touch and purchase from FIA members.

On the subject of fire safety… How Do I Know If I’m Covered?

Sometimes it is hard to know where to start when it comes to fire safety, especially if you have just found out that you are responsible. If you are an owner or manager of a premises you are legally responsible for the safety of staff and the premises. You may think you’re too busy to give it much thought, you may even think ‘we’re not fire safety experts why should we do this?’ However, should you not take any fire safety or prevention measures and not install fire safety equipment in the right locations and then a fire broke out which destroyed property and people alike, you as the responsible person will be prosecuted.

So, let’s not allow this to happen. In fact, it’s really simple; first you need to have a fire risk assessment carried out on your premises – we recommend using a certified company such as Bull Products – all our engineers are BAFE or FETA accredited. All fire hazards and risks on your premises are recorded in a Fire Safety Risk Assessment (FRA) and adequate solutions will be recommended along with a practical escape plan; it is up to you to put these safety measures in place.

If you already have fire safety equipment and procedures in place we advise you ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you’re covered:

  • Is our fire safety equipment maintained regularly?
  • Do we have the correct / adequate equipment?
  • Is our firefighting equipment in the right locations?
  • When was our equipment last serviced / Checked?
  • Is a maintenance record kept?
  • Do we have an emergency escape plan?
  • Do we have adequate signage to aid escape in case of an emergency?

Do you have any questions regarding fire safety on your site be it a school, manufacturing plant or a construction site? Contact us now for friendly advice on 01432 371170