Bull Products responds to COVID-19 with protection products range

Bull Products has responded to customers’ urgent needs by sourcing and supplying a new range of products to help protect workers from COVID-19.

The products are suitable for any construction, healthcare, commercial, or industrial location, and include masks and visors, surface and hand sanitisers, and mobile handwash and sanitising stations.

The range has been developed by Bull Products during lockdown to support existing and new customers to be able to work safely, and to plan the return to work of staff over the coming weeks and months.

“We’re in the business of ‘securing the safety’ of our customers through fire detection and alarm systems and other site safety products for industry and construction, so this new range as been a rapid-response extension to our offering,” says Ross Markham, Managing Director of Bull Products.

“During lockdown we have remained available, within government guidance, to support our customers, and have also responded to their needs to supply products to help keep their workers safe during the pandemic conditions.

“Now we can help to keep them working by supplying everything from dust masks and visors to hand sanitiser, temporary wash stations, and temperature checking pods.

“Bull Products can also confirm that it is working with the NHS to donate face masks and sanitiser to the COVID-19 logistics supply chain based on the volume of commercial orders we receive.”

View the COVID-19 Protection Products range and contact the Bull Products sales team on 01432 371170.


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