Are your spills under control?

The construction industry is a major source of pollution including oil and chemical spills. Every year the Environment Agency responds to over 350 pollution related incidents that are caused by construction.

There are ways of controlling or preventing spill hazards, and can be divided into categories; for example, a construction and civil engineering company divide the hazards into ‘minor’, ‘significant’, and ‘major’. The ‘major’ type are the risks or the actual cause of permanent environmental damage, and this would fall in line with the environmental damage regulations. ‘Minor’ or ‘significant’ may mean an event has occurred and action needs to be taken to prevent permanent damage (minor being the lowest risk).

The types of spills on construction sites could include pouring concrete, oil storage and refuelling plant and machinery. Some of these leaks and spills can’t be prevented, however you can reduce the impact on the local environment with absorbents, trays, and spill kits.

As an ISO 14001 registered company, Bull Products support construction companies in every way to prevent polluting the environment. We can supply spill kits and absorbents for Oil Only, Chemical, and General spillages and have even created and manufactured a unique all-in-one Spill Control Responder Station.

This Spill Control Responder Station can assist you in caring for the environment. It contains a 50-litre spill kit with pads, socks, pillows and waste bags with cable ties. The responder station is mobile and can be positioned anywhere on site, and the cabinet can be fitted with an alarm which can sound as soon as the door is opened thus alerting authorities of an incident or theft.

The application of this station isn’t limited to construction sites, other uses could include garage forecourts, factories and warehousing and any premises where there are plant and/or machinery in use. Click here for our full range of spill control products.

First Responder Stations improve site safety

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Best practise – improving fire safety on construction sites

According to HSE, every year, there are a number of serious fires on construction sites and buildings undergoing refurbishment, but many of these could be avoided by careful planning and control of construction work activities.  Here at Bull, our ambition is to secure your site safety. Here’s our best practice guide to improving fire safety […]