Advantages of Fire Safety Training at the Workplace

Legal guidelines stipulate that any business with 10 employees or more, must conduct a fire safety and first aid training for the employees in the organisation. However, before doing so, you must understand if such training can really bring value to your employees and your company or is this just meeting a technicality.

If you take a look at the costs any organisation incurs, occupational accidents and injuries, as well as, fire-related accidents comprise a major portion of the costs. This includes the cost of injury occurring to the employee and damage to the property, which are the direct costs and the business also incurs indirect costs such as production downtime and profitability loss, not to mention the effect on the morale of the employees of the company.

As the owner of the business, you are liable for any accidents and injuries that occur on the worksite and ensuring that your employees undergo fire safety and first aid training can help to save your organisation a significant amount of money.

Effectiveness of Safety Training Programs

Safety training programs have many advantages and can benefit a business significantly. If the safety training programs are effective, you can see up to 20% or more reduction in illness and injuries in the workplace, which in turn reduces absenteeism, downtime and increases productivity.

In the case of injuries at the workplace, the indirect costs that are incurred by any business can be almost 20 times the direct costs. A business can incur indirect costs such as repairing damaged property, investigating the accident and implementing corrective action, administrative expense, training and salaries of replacement workers, scheduling for lost productivity and delays, absenteeism, low morale among employees, poor customer relations, etc.

Effective safety programs can help to reduce the workplace modification factor of your business, which is an important criterion by which insurance companies make an assessment of the business in order to determine the rates.

In short, we can say that having safety training programs can save money for your organisation. The best safety training programs for any business are usually customised according to your work environment and the kind of accidents and injuries you anticipate that your workers may encounter at the workplace.

Thus, we can say that no two fire safety training programs are alike, as they have to cater to the requirements of a particular business. Having the correct kind of first aid and fire safety training programs in your organisation can help to empower your employees and make them confident of handling any emergencies and prevent injuries that can be fatal.