A Vista For Cygnus

Positioned immediately opposite Battersea Park, Vista Project is an elite development comprising of over 450 luxury residential units within 16 storeys. This project is part of the Nine Elms regeneration scheme which is only a very short distance from Chelsea Bridge and Sloane Square.

The striking curves and layers of the building are part of the design by Architect Scott Brownrigg who endeavoured to create an organic and curvilinear structure with each layer stepped back to reduce the overall mass. The developer for this project is Berkeley Homes and has an estimated completion date of before end of 2017. The accommodation consists of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with spectacular views over picturesque Battersea Park and the surrounding landscape.

The electrical contractor for Vista Project chose the Cygnus Wireless Alarm System to protect the building and workforce during the construction phase. The alarm system comprises of over 130 Cygnus fire alarm call points and heat detectors which are divided into separate zones and wirelessly connected to two control panels. The Cygnus units connect to each other effortlessly due to the ingenious meshing protocol which enables a strong wireless connection even in areas of dense concrete and steel structures. Instead of talking directly to the control panel, each unit communicates with each other, bouncing messages through the system effectively eliminating interruptions and break down of signal. Before an installation, each unit will be addressed with a particular site key so all other units which have been configured to the same site key will be activated should an alert be made from one unit.

An Ultima-2 remote access module has been installed into one of the control panels on this project which enables alarm activations to be reported directly to a third-party monitoring station via SMS text messaging. These notifications can also be sent to site personnel directly to their smartphone as a SMS text message, which enhances weekend and/or night protection on a construction site and provides peace of mind to know you will be alerted should an alarm be raised. With this module, the panel can also be accessed from a PC to enable remote view of the system’s status from any location.