a New Standard in Site Security

Unwanted visitors are an all too familiar threat on construction sites and present major health and safety risks. But how do we prevent this to protect our assets and our team? Bull Products, world-renowned for its first aid, fire prevention and detection and fall arrest solutions, developed a world-class solution in response – The SmartGate.

The Bull SmartGate is a natural fit for any construction project manager that wants peace of mind knowing their site is protected. 

What goes into developing a premium access control solution? Matt Trigwell, Sales Director delves into the technology of the SmartGate, and explains the top 5 features of control access technology that is critical to any purchasing decision.

1 Pre-enrolment

An access control system should allow for the pre-registration of visitors and contractors. The registration process should also include an induction to the site and essential health and safety training. This improves site productivity by eliminating the need for some “welcome” tasks to be conducted on-site. The enrolment process can also enable contractors to upload certification and accreditations, ensuring that only qualified personnel are on site.

2 Identity Recognition

Identity recognition is a crucial element of access control systems, and there are many forms this can take. Options include QR code entry, fob entry, fingerprint or face recognition. Many competitor access control solutions have a limited range of ways the system can recognise a visitor. The SmartGate system allows for total flexibility, enabling sites to combine a variety of different identity recognition methods on one site.

3 The Physical Barrier

The choice of physical barrier will be determined, in part, by the nature and size of the site. You may want a customised cabin with integrated full-height turnstile and security box, or simply a low-level barrier. Some sites may not require an actual physical barrier with visitors being computer registered by a security guard or receptionist. SmartGate provides you with a comprehensive range of options that encompasses a variety of construction site requirements.

4 Value Added Features

An access control system can provide many features that improve site efficiency and operations. Here are just a few:

  • Use access control data to control and manage payments to contractors
  • A red card system to prohibit entry to any company site for individuals who have compromised health and safety
  • Pre-register contractors for entry to all company sites
  • Thermal scanners to check body temperature at access points to control infection


The access control market has had a reputation for poor technical support and poor customer service. If a system fails, the health and safety can be seriously compromised and site operations severely disrupted. That’s why Bull has invested in a dedicated team of field support technicians backed up by the reliable customer service team based at Bull’s Hereford HQ.

In summary, when selecting an access control solution, it’s critical that you have the flexibility, scalability and functionality you need. The SmartGate offers this and more, providing a range of impressive features that are an essential fit for any construction site. 

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