A Guideline to Preventing Slips and Trips

Slips and trips are the most common cause of injury at work. On average, they cause 40% of all reported major injuries and cost employers over £512 million a year in lost production.

There are a number of reasons slips and trips occur in the workplace – this could be due to wet or greasy floors, uneven walking surfaces, loose flooring, weather hazards and much more.

Furthermore, a slip or trip can lead to other types of serious accidents such as falls from height, machinery accidents and scalding, resulting in additional claim costs and damaging the reputation of a business.

However, there are several steps you can follow to create a safer working environment for employees and ensure slips and trips are reduced.

Create good practice

It’s important that an effective housekeeping program is embedded in the daily routine, which will reduce the risk of slips and trips in the workplace. Poor housekeeping can result in a higher incidence of employee injuries so the steps below will ensure you’ve covered all bases:

  • Identify cleaning and maintenance requirements in the workplace and assess the risks associated with each situation.
  • Identify and implement control measures. Once these are established, review the effectiveness of these control measures.
  • Conduct regular workplace inspections.
  • Report, investigate, and implement control measures for every incident.
  • Document any risks in the workplace to ensure risks are minimised going forward.
  • Ensure all staff are trained on the importance of good housekeeping practices, are made aware of the dangers they can cause if left untreated, and report hazards immediately.

Ensure all spillages are cleaned up immediately

Spillages cause a major risk to employees, contractors and visitors and it’s important these are dealt with straightaway. Clear up spillages as soon as they are spotted and use appropriate signs to warn employers of the hazard.

Our Oil Spill Responder Station and Chemical Spill First Responder Station ensure you have all the relevant equipment to protect workers and deal with potential hazards first-hand. Additionally, the stations can be customised to ensure you have all the equipment in one place. Our maintenance spill kits are designed to absorb most hazardous chemicals and every-day fluids including milk and water.

Remove obstacles

Often injuries can result from trips caused by obstacles, clutter and materials. It’s important to keep all work areas, passageways, and service areas clean, and avoid loose cables in hallways and aisles.

Encourage safe work practices and ensure employees are taking preventative measures such as closing file cabinet drawers after use, and picking up loose items from the floor.

At Bull, we supply a range of cable management products to ensure site safety is dealt with effectively, including our lead hooks which can be attached to pipes, scaffolding and nails.

Specialist advice from the industry experts

At Bull, we pride ourselves on the expertise we give to help businesses protect their employees to the highest heath and safety standards.

For more information and advice about the options available for your business, talk to one of our team of knowledgeable and friendly advisors on 01432 806806 / enquiries@bullproducts.co.uk