50+ Cygnus Wireless Fire Alarms Supplied to Vestcom

This week, we caught up with Ferenc Szell, managing director at Norwegian distributor, Vestcom. Over the past year, we have worked with Vestcom to supply more than 50 of our Cygnus Wireless Fire alarm systems to several shipyards. Ferenc tells us more.  

Why is fire safety so important during the construction of ships?

All of our shipyard clients are building high-end ships; cruise vessels, passenger vessels and even special vessels for the oil industry. All of these ships hold a lot of value, with some ships worth up to £200million. Therefore, to protect the value of the ships and workers who work on the ships during construction, it’s vital to have an alarm system which is reliable, simple to activate and easy to install and remove to another shipyard when we need to.

In addition, due to the value that ships hold, there is increasing pressure from insurance companies demanding that shipyards have a reliable alarm system in place during the construction period. Cygnus offers a cost-effective solution when it comes to fire detection.

What vital role does an alarm system play in protecting ships during construction?

A reliable alarm system is very important for the owner of the ship, for the yard and for the workers. If an alarm situation occurs, it only takes a few minutes to evacuate the ship (all workers are instructed how to respond in an emergency), and the yards’ emergency team can take action immediately.  

Why did you choose the Cygnus alarm system? What impressed you the most about the system?

After several comparisons, we found the Cygnus alarm system to be the most flexible and user-friendly wireless alarm system on the European market. After a demonstration at Bull, and on a shipyard locally in Norway, we were convinced that the Cygnus system was the right alarm for our clients.  

The most impressive feature was the radio coverage as we needed to ensure that different zones and areas of the ships were protected at all times. Plus, the mesh signalling system is very reliable. Another great benefit is that we can connect the alarm to other alarm sources such as water alarms, smoke detectors, fire detectors or even the ships own alarm system, helping us to minimise on costs.  

What benefits have you seen through the installation of the Cygnus alarm system?

We don’t need to use any cables to connect the alarms to the control panel, so our workers’ safety is maximised and it’s easy to reprogramme when we’ve had to move the alarm system to another ship. The internal alarm identification and SMS function mean that workers are alerted quickly in an emergency. Users are also finding the system easy to use – we would definitely recommend the Cygnus alarm system for its flexibility and reliability! 

Wireless Alarm Innovation from Cygnus

A major innovation in wireless emergency fire, first aid, and intruder alarms for construction sites, the Cygnus radio system provides contractors with an efficient and versatile temporary alarm system to protect workers during the construction phase. The Cygnus wireless fire alarm system works on a mesh protocol which enables the system to overcome signal obstacles such as steel structures and other signal interferences, therefore, offering advanced protection for both workers and ships. Click here to find out how our alarm system can benefit your shipyard.