3 Tips To Create A Safe Working Environment

It’s important that, whatever your working environment, that no risks are taken when it comes to safety. From fire protection procedures, to health and safety precautions, to first aid necessities, it’s important to have every base covered. Luckily, we are here to help.

With over 10 years’ experience in supplying range of fire protection and safety equipment, Bull Products is a name you can trust. From construction sites to office buildings, we have a whole host of quality products and clothing to ensure that your environment is as safe as the proverbial house.

Bull Products – Making Your Environment Safe

As the leading manufacturer, importer and supplier of a complete range, we compliment this with only the most complete and all-round service. We are happy to help in any way, offering assistance and guidance on how to improve the safety of your business.

#1 – Keep Things Clean

Hygiene is of the utmost important in any working environment. Whether you work indoors or outdoors, it’s integral that surfaces are cleaned, hygiene is maintained and spills and hazards are dealt with safely and effectively.

#2 – Evacuation Strategies

Should the time come when you need to evacuate an area, ensure that every employee knows where they are going, what to do and how to act. Having signage and equipment clearly visible and accessible could make all the difference.

#3 -Regular Drills

This cannot be emphasised enough. From fire drills and evacuation procedures, to first aid training and alarm testing, having up-to-date and regular drills will only improve the efficiency and understanding of your strategies.

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